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We're excited to be launching in the UK in Spring 2020

Are you bored of the same old dinners every week?

Then you need our smart, inspirational and easy to follow recipes.

We deliver three delicious dinner ideas to your inbox every week.

It’s the simple way to spice up your dinner.

When you get home from work and open the fridge, what do you see? Is it the same five recipes that you dish up in various ways throughout your week? Yep, same here.

That’s why we decided it was time to make dinners more enjoyable again.


Forget expensive take-aways, fancy restaurants or the same recipes repeated day-in, day-out. We’re in the business of inspiring your culinary prowess, providing easy and convenient recipes, full ingredient lists and helping you get more inventive in the kitchen.

At Eat Better Dinners, we send weekly meal plans straight to your inbox, to bring variety back into your kitchen, remove the hassle of working out your shopping lists and reducing money wasted on food that goes straight in the bin

That old familiar dinner routine….

We’ve all been there.
Your evening routine goes something like this:

→ Open fridge with enthusiasm

→ See same ingredients as always

→ Close fridge

→ Lower standards

→ Repeat

→ Eat eggs on toast or order takeaways

Eat Better Dinners wants to make your evenings a little more like this:

→ Check meal plan and see what new meal I’m trying tonight

→ Take out the ingredients

→ Have a little fun cooking

→ Juggle spatulas with joy

→ Dine on a delicious meal


Eat Better Dinners is a menu planning service that solves the perennial “What should we have for dinner tonight” problem.

Easy, healthy (ish), convinent and, most importantly, delicious recipes delivered straight to your inbox.

Are you bored of the same flavours?

Eat Better Dinners means you can actually try a whole host of new meals and recipes and flavours, all while improving your cooking and eating more healthily.

Are you tired of spending money on expensive and environmentally damaging delivery and ready meals?

You can save money with fresh ingredients and avoid all the plastic wrapping of ready meals.

Do you spend ages thinking of what to cook?

All the meal plans and recipes are provided for you, with alternating proteins and vegetables, as well as every texture, colour and flavour you can imagine (and hopefully some you’ve never seen before too).

Do you sometimes just give up and just eat junk food?

Don’t! Eat Better Dinners gives you healthy, hearty and helpful recipes that avoid processed food, and just use the best fresh ingredients.


We’re in the game of inspiration. When you’re coming home from work exhausted and facing the same dilemma every day, you need to perk up your weekly routine.

Consider us your ‘perk’. We provide inspiration in spades. There’s no need to stare into the depths of your fridge hoping some culinary inspiration appears. Our weekly meal plans include clever twists on classic recipes with seasonal ingredients.


Your Meal Plan Includes:


⊗  3 fully-customizable meals to try out every week.

⊗  Full step-by-step, easy-to-follow recipes for each meal.

⊗  Complete shopping lists that reduce costs and time spent in the supermarket

The recipes are perfect for busy families looking for new ideas for dinner. They have interesting flavours and it’s really easy to make changes/substitutions if you’re dealing with fussy family members. The suggested substitutions are always helpful – I love that there’s often more than one suggested change you can make! I would highly recommend signing up if you’re busy, want to eat delicious meals that are different to “the usual” but don’t have the brain space to come up with something different.



Nobody is going to force you to eat broccoli if you hate it. With Eat Better Dinners, you can easily customise your meals to suite you. You can rest assured we will create meals that are easily adaptable by you to:

⊗  Exclude certain proteins, eat only organic, vegetarian, low salt/sugar and other dietary needs as needed
⊗  Adjust portions based on family size and appetites.
⊗  Shop whichever way suits you best, even from your own garden
⊗  Support farmers by focusing on locally grown, seasonal ingredients.

Recent meals our subscribers have made

Customer feedback

Most of these meals are so easy to make my teenagers can get dinner ready – love.

We’ve got some new family favourites now too!

Mel W

As a single guy I’m loving being able to buy my own ingredients. I try to eat lower carb and its so easy to manage this with these meals. I no longer wander aimlessly around the supermarket trying to think of things to have for dinner

Alex M

What I love about this service is being able to swap out ingredients. I’m vegetarian so if there’s a steak meal that looks awesome, we’ll get steak for my boyfriend and a halluomi or mushroom swap for me

Christy P


Eat Better Dinners is excited to be launching in the UK from spring 2020. We can’t wait to help revolutionise your weeknight dinners!

Questions? Check out our FAQ

What is Eat Better Dinners?

We are a dinner menu planning service for busy households. We provide all the tools you need to shop for, prepare and cook delicious meals for you and your family. We make home cooking easy, flexible and nutritious.

Why should I pay for recipes when there are so many free options online?

Eat Better Dinners has done the hard work for you. Our recipes are tested, adapted and refined in average home kitchens using readily available ingredients. We take the stress out of dinnertime, which is something that free services just don’t do.

What do I get when I subscribe?

Sign up to a weekly, monthly or annual plan and every week you will receive a meal plan email with three printable recipes, swap suggestions and a shopping list.

Why not just use a food box delivery service?

While these services can come in handy for some people, they can be quite restrictive. They lack the flexibility needed to accommodate dietary needs, likes, dislikes, changing household routines and other unknowns.

Eat Better Dinners provides a list of swap-out options so you can tweak it to suit your family.

You have the freedom to choose which meal you cook on which day, control the number of ingredients you buy, and change key ingredients depending on your preferences.

Do I need to be a good cook?

We have designed all our dinner recipes to be simple, fast and easy to follow. The average home cook can create tasty meals in 30 minutes or less (any that take longer will be only due to cooking times, not preparation time). That is why we call them easy dinner recipes!

Unless you are a complete beginner, you will be able to follow and understand all of our recipes.

Will the meals cost a lot to make?

We aim to inspire you while keeping things simple. Recipes will be based around what is currently in season. There won’t be anything too expensive or hard to find on them. All ingredients will be common, and you will find many meals that are a twist on everyday foods.

How much does a subscription cost?

We want Eat Better Dinners to be a cost-effective way to solve the meal planning rut many people find themselves in. For around the cost of a cup of coffee a week, you will get all the meal inspiration you need.

Please see our subscribe page for the various subscription costs.

What if I have special dietary needs?

The beauty of Eat Better Dinners is that it is fully customizable and flexible. Because we include swap suggestions for every recipe, you can easily replace meat/fish/poultry with other protein options and accommodate for low carb, low salt/sugar and other dietary requirements.

Gluten-free: Most of our meals are naturally gluten-free. When they aren’t, alternatives will be given. That being said, we do assume you are already aware of the standard foods to watch out for when shopping. Those include bread, pasta, soy sauce, and much more. It is your responsibility to recognize these sources of gluten.

Other allergies & intolerances: Our meals focus on fresh, in season, everyday ingredients. That  sometimes includes dairy, nuts, eggs, nightshades and other trigger foods.

With everything being customizable and you shopping for your own ingredients, you may find Eat Better Dinners works for you, but we don’t specifically cater to any other preference besides gluten.